So does anyone see the American propaganda to slander our foreign trade partners? Oh woops GM is going bankrupt… All a sudden Toyota the one of biggest foreign car sellers in the US is conveniently being crucified in public relations and is forced to recall its cars, and we all know other car companies have problems with their cars and forced to recall all the time but only Toyota was involved in a lengthy public legal battle. Seems quite suspicious.

And this fake egg report sounds ridiculous, like seriously can people not see the differences between fake eggs? Seriously an egg is already so cheap to produce, I can’t imagine how much cheaper a fake egg can cost, it seems the expense to produce fake eggs would probably cost more per egg then owning chickens. Seriously 6 type of chemicals? And we know chemicals cost a lot of money to buy, not to mention if you get caught in China there is a high chance of you being executed so is it really cheaper?

The writer of this article says:
“The major theme across the English-language sites is Hoax! mostly due to the small profit margin to be made and perhaps just the sheer comedy of making fake eggs for a living.
“I wish I could laugh along with you, but unfortunately I love eggs and live in China. The profit margin for fake eggs, estimated at USD$70 per day, is more than enough for the common Chinese to engage in the business and there’s nothing China’s poor won’t do to get ahead.”

That profit margin seems pretty good if you think about it, if these methods work of course, but seriously you gotta produce about 1500 fake eggs manually, and as quoted above “The major theme across the English-language sites is Hoax! mostly due to the small profit margin to be made and perhaps just the sheer comedy of making fake eggs for a living.”

So point being, do we give into fear? or use logic to see through these incidents that seem to be exaggerated or complete hoaxes that clearly has obvious political motivation and benefits designed for political slander? Some of you might choose to give into fear, some of you might choose to laugh at this and say this is all bull crap, or if you are wiser you might give into fear and use logic at the same time. But in the end, the real question is will you give into the fear or rumors and boycott these products, or use logic to question these rumors/reports/stories through speculation of the media circus, or you can also test out these rumors yourself.

I myself am a person and of course I am subjugated to fear and won’t be this is all a hoax not be on the look out, but I am a person capable of seeing the conveniently obvious political motivational for disproportional slander and will without a doubt continue buying products as I usually do. Because if I was like old uneducated people, or the younger people who believe almost everything that the media tells me, then I would have to do live on a isolated deserted island with like 3 companions in fear of everything have to be forced to make artificial eggs cause I totally don’t want growth hormones in my eggs.

And to end this extremely long status, and check out this link about fake eggs.

Note that you will need to  use a brower that can translate Chinese into English for that link.

It shows that fake eggs may look like real eggs on the outside, but once you crack that egg open you can tell if its a fake egg or a real egg. And there is really nothing to be concern about other then being swindled out of about of like $1-$5 depending on how many eggs you buy if they turned out to be fake eggs. Cause all health concerns are side effects are results of eating fake eggs over a long period of time. And if you read the article I posted, you obviously will be able to know where not buy eggs at if you get a fake egg, cause they don’t look the same inside, they don’t cook the same, and they don’t taste the same. And only simpletons would continuously buy fake eggs after reading this status or should heavily be concerned.

And absolute last note, most public media news in every countries’s goals are to get one thing from their viewers, negative emotional responses, and if I recall correctly the goal of trolling is to get negative emotional responses. So when you hear sad reports about 1 person dying remember the quote from Joesph Stalin “the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is statistics”, and if you had any logic in you, you would know that you don’t really give the damn about the death millions of people, but when you hear that one person died the story gets dragged out for a 5 minute – 1 hour segments you are like “Oh my god the world is ending”, or politically motivated stories. The proper response to the media is “Cool Story Bro, QQ more you troll.” So remember boys and girls, don’t feed the media trolls, cause if you feed the media trolls, then you create anti-media and anti-humane hippie trolls like me. And when that happens it becomes an endless cycle of trolling! So if you get involved in trolling, troll for real logic, not the tunnel vision logic and hopeless idealistic false causes to end the trolling cycle in which we call society.